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Vondelkade 175 - 8023 AD Zwolle    

Welcome at “De Passiebloem”

De Passiebloem is a windmill that was built in 1776 for the commercial purpose of gaining oil from seeds and/ or nuts. The mill like others was built near the river the Nieuwe Vecht because of the ideal trading location one had being near a river. But as the ways of production changed due to the industrial revolution, making it impossible for windmills to compete with the non-wind related production of oil (steam driven methods), industrial windmills were abandoned one by one and fell into decay.

Thanks to several successful restorations De Passiebloem is one of the few mills that has fortunately been saved from ruin. Up to 1998 it had been standing there graciously restored but idle. In 1998 a few volunteers decided that it was time to use the mill for the job it was made for: gaining oil from linseed.

Now De Passiebloem windmill is listed on the state monument preservation list and is in running condition with the help of volunteers. The windmill operators  work and maintain the mill,  other  volunteers offer their time sharing the knowledge of the architectural build of the windmill and the craftsmanship of gaining oil via a windmill. Also the mill is used for the practical training of next generation windmill operators.

Linseed oil was used for the production of soap and paint and can also be used for the preservation of leather and wood. The residue of the  production,  flax-cakes,  are always sold as cattle feed.

Opening days and times:
Every month the 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10.00 till 16.00 and every 3rd Wednesday from 13.00 till 16.00.
Entrance: free.